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In order for youth ministry to be truly effective, it isn’t something that just happens out of thin air. It takes leaders who are dedicated to improving their skills and building a powerful youth ministry takes serious consideration and time.  There are a few points here that should be considered if trying to build up a ministry that involves influencing the lives of young people.

First, it should be held on a level playing field. Adults should be ready to share experiences and wisdom with kids since they are less experienced in the ways of life. There are things both youth and adult mentors can learn from each other, based on the stage in their lives. Adults readily forget that they were kids once and having young people around can help jog your memory to some of the important aspects like coming to God with childlike faith. Believing that He will come through 100%.

Second, communication happens through an interest in listening and not always talking. This is hard for some adults who believe that what they have to say is much more important than anything young people have to mention. This should not be followed, as with any great communicator in history, listening is key (just ask Dale Carnegie).

Finally, it is a valuable trait to affirm and appreciate young people and their contribution to various activities and events. Young people are often the first to volunteer at homeless shelters or build homes for the needy. This is a great thing to highlight if you are a youth pastor.

These are just a few things to remember next time you interface with young people.